duendepr.com news Sifflu by Smarin at The Future of Living – Art Dubaï et Design Days Dubaï

Sifflu by Smarin at The Future of Living – Art Dubaï et Design Days Dubaï

Smarin will present Sifflu during Art Dubaï and Design Days Dubaï from 14 to 18 march. Sifflu is one of the Therapeutic Objects through Mechanics designed by Stéphanie Marin.  An individual peace pipe to learn how to breath, and expiring well for a better life. The idea of the object came when she saw the raise of electronic smoking devices.  As she resume “ The human being smokes or chews in an ancestral, cultural and social way. The recent expansion of new smoking ways, replacing the tobacco declared like a noxious substance, drove me to question about these practices, toxic according to some, and rooted in the habits of many. The breath is in fact, the center of the question. If the various smokers are used to very mechanical bad habits, certain non-smokers make it just as much, forgetting the importance for the health to breathe well. The fact of inspiring a lot, too much, and not expiring well, too little, make short cycles, create tensions, and maintain the stress.
So the designer gives us anatomical instructions to breath perfectly :
The inspiration
Inspire slowly by the nose.
Open the rib cage, to fill it with maximum of air, by keeping low shoulders.
Take your time
Hold breath calmly.
Take the time of a break.
The expiration
Expire by the mouth, with your stomach.
Lengthen the breath at the most.
The Objectives
Lengthen more and more the breath
Become aware of your diaphragm
Use your internal muscles at the same time
Adopt a correct posture, direct profit for the back
Release all the tensions, re-oxygenate your muscles, re-synchronize yout organs…
To conclude, many of the good habits which will become mechanisms. Sifflu is a training device to practice this guideline. Sifflu can be used for the use of essential oils. Put 1 drop of essential oil on the drain . Insert the drain into the fireplace simply. By blowing, the essential oil will be spread in a limited distribution in the space. It’s the opportunity to use essential oils in a mastered way avoiding overdoses and the side effects which are associated to them.
The Research on the Therapeutic Objects through Mechanics was born from the meeting of smarin and the Observatory of the Alternative Medicines OMNC in 2012. It is based on simple techniques which encourage the wellness by a mechanical good use of the body, and deepening the self-awareness.
The Future of living
Art Dubaï 15 – 18 mach
Design Design Days Dubaï 14 – 17 march