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25 ans-2 en 1-fabrice praeger-final

Let the party begin: Merci in Paris in May coinciding with D’DaysH.P. DECO in Tokyo in June; Please do not enter in Los Angeles in July and Comptoir 102 in October in Dubai during design week. The iconic April Vase vase by Tsé & Tsé is taking you on a trip around the world for a lavish, bohemian and creative anniversary, as only its two founders know how. Two limited editions of the April Vase and thirty or so creators (designers, musicians, writers, visual artists, etc.) will pay tribute to the extraordinary path taken by Catherine Levy and Sigolène Prébois. In 25 years, the two friends have established a Parisian style that is now a prerequisite in Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. The functional precision gained from ENSCI (Parisian school of reference for which they made the cut), marked by their fantastic creative independence. Parisians obviously. Tsé & Tsé do as they please and succeed. No normal person born after 1965 can live decently without its Famished Tableware, April Vase, Windfall Hanging Vase or Cubist Garland. These successes shaped domestic style in the 90s and 2000s. All due respect ladies.

vase d'avril

Tsé & Tsé: 25th anniversary of the April Vase

Merci (Paris) May

H.P. DECO (Tokyo) June

Please do not enter (Los Angeles) July, August

Comptoir 102 (Dubai) October