duendepr.com news Muller Van Severen “Wire S#” at Solo galerie

Muller Van Severen “Wire S#” at Solo galerie


Until 30th January Solo Galerie presents the outstanding series Wire S# by the Belgian duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen. This furniture range was designed specifically for Solo Office, the second house in the Solo Houses collection, an extraordinary architectural project created by Christian Bourdais.*MullerVanSeveren_WireS#1_1

Wire S# is a collection produced in stainless steel suitable for both indoors and outdoors, “We designed these two pieces for the Solo OFFICE House central courtyard and pond. They resemble curved mattresses and resume the camber of a piece of paper. We wanted to emphasise the openness of the space. The rocking chair is not made from solid materials like concrete or wood, but from woven metal. You can see through it and appreciate the surrounding architecture. This transparency enables the object to be present, yet unobtrusive. It is not imposing, but nonetheless part of a sculptural gesture,” summarise Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen.


Solo Galerie is a global platform for presenting internationally renowned architects, favouring the experience of an original work rather than a representation by pictures and models. Solo Galerie is the personal project of Christian Bourdais, founder of Solo Houses in Spain, and Eva Albarran, producer of contemporary art. It showcases architects whose practice extends to an artistic dimension. The Galerie intends to represent winners of the prestigious Pritzker Prize like the ‘elite’ of architecture, but simultaneously open to contemporary artists through novel collaborations.


Exhibitions at the gallery will be regularly complemented by monumental installations in collaboration with major art institutions. Solo Galerie shall implement an Off-Site programme paced by key events in contemporary art.


Solo OFFICE House. Belgian architects from Office KGDVS designed Solo OFFICE House, the second villa built as part of Solo Houses, an innovative property project near Barcelona. This self-supporting house incorporates the living areas in a large circle, around a courtyard including a central pond. The house is therefore built like a circular gallery. 


“Wire S#” by Muller Van Severen

Solo Galerie 

11 rue des Arquebusiers

75003 Paris