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Didier Fiuza Faustino “My crafts” Galerie Michel Rein

[2007] Temps_sauvages_et_incertains-01Galerie Michel Rein is proud to present the third solo show of Didier Fiúza Faustino from october 20th to december 17h.  Didier Fiúza Faustino has been working for many years on the cusp of art and architecture, between space and sculpture. We know that, with this artist, the said barrier is capable of great contortions  which further aggravate the discomfort of the on straddling in this way. The theme of the exhibition MY CRAFTS is very precisely that of uncertain seating and denied commodities. Ten works made over the last sixteen years, which we have difficulty calling “chairs” as they mishandle not only our bodies but also and foremost the categories established by design theorists and other decorative art specialists. Ten works to be further considered as milestones in Faustino’s work, formations which appeared during his spatial work and were then integrated into this or that installation or associated with this or that building site.


The last born in the series are multiplied; a couple of seats (Delete Yourself, 2016) design infinite combinatory landscapes, whilst giving knowing reverential winks to the work of Sol Lewitt and Superstudio. Polarised like the two wings of the Uncut House (2010), almost a genre in themselves, they are intended to be, as paradoxically as is possible, as massive as they are puny, simultaneously structural and monolithic. The angular one is an atom of space, a terminal giving us the origin of the three Cartesian coordinates. The curved back of the other one provokes disorder in the system. He doesn’t care for templates and cuts on the crossbar. Faustino himself (Nowhere Somewhere, 2013) makes his own – truant – way through the rigorous land registry of disciplinary fields.

Tony Côme September 2016

Photo credit : 

- Didier Faustino Temps sauvages et incertains, 2007

- Didier Faustino, Delete Yourself, 2016, mdf stratifié blanc, 68,5 x 48 x 71 cm

Didier Fiúza Faustino ” My crafts”

Galerie Michel Rein

42 rue de Turenne

75003 PARIS