duendepr.com news “Subbar, Sabra” by Brognon&Rollin at galerie Albert Baronian (Brussels)

“Subbar, Sabra” by Brognon&Rollin at galerie Albert Baronian (Brussels)


David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin present Subbar, Sabra at Galerie Albert Baronian during group show “Le Language des Fleurs et des Choses Muettes (CH. Baudelaire)” until 16th july. Imported from Mexico in the 16th century, the prickly pear cactus, or Barbary fig, was called subbar by the Arabs of Palestine. Planted in rows, it served to mark the boundaries of neighbouring parcels of land. In those days, the impassable barriers of spines served as a cadastre, or property map. The useful plant later became a metaphor for Jews putting down roots on the same land. Its Hebrew name, sabra, came to stand for all Jews born in the region before 1948 and their Israeli descendants. But as the Arab villages were razed, the roots of the cacti planted around the gardens survived, and over the years the subbar regrew to become the ghostly imprint of the Arab presence in the territory. The biblical hills saw cactus fences re emerge to surround empty spaces.

Since then, the prickly pear has been a schizophrenic symbol, shared by two antagonistic peoples. A plant synonymous with taking back the land, both literally and figuratively. Subbar, Sabra is a photo serie shot in October 2015, during the onset of an unprecedented wave of knife attacks in Jerusalem and across the country. ” The sky is so neutral that the photos seems to be shot in studio” says the french and belgium tandem.
Photo credit : Subbar, Sabra (Mont des Oliviers VI) 2015, C-Print, 120 x 174 cm, Edition de 3 + 1 AP.

Le Language des Fleurs et des Choses Muettes (CH. Baudelaire)

until july 16 2015

Galerie Albert Baronian

2 rue Isidore Verheyden

1050 Brussels