duendepr.com news “We’re Going to Have a Minute’s Silence” by Brognon-Rollin will be presented at Art Brussels

“We’re Going to Have a Minute’s Silence” by Brognon-Rollin will be presented at Art Brussels


Conceived the day after the November 13th attacks in Paris, the neon light “We’re Going to Have A Minute’s Silence” by the Brognon-Rollin duo resonates all the more bitterly having just opened at the Cercle Cité Luxembourg as part of the exhibition “The present is yours, the future is mine” (curator Karolina Markiewicz, from 12/03 to 17/04/2016). “The state of emergency in which we have been living for several years made this phrase a new secular prayer of sorts that we wanted to code and integrate into the present, like an almost whispered reminder. A moment’s contemplation transcribed in Pitman Shorthand, a form of shorthand created by Isaac Pitman in 1837 to rapidly communicate a message,” summarises the pair. This system of writing based on phonetic transcription remained very popular in England and the United States until 1996. No specific equipment was required as it was handwritten in an elegant, almost calligraphic style. 


Translated into several languages, a 2.5m French version will be exhibited in Brussels next month at Art Brussels with Albert Baronian. ”David and I first experienced this phrase that we are going to share on the terrace of a café on Rue du Faubourg St Denis in Paris at midday on November 16th 2015. As the city was busy around us, the waitress gently approached us and said, “We’re going to have a minute’s silence.” A fleeting and solemn minute the permanence of which is unbearable today”.

“We’re Going to Have a Minute’s Silence” (2016) 

David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin


Cercle Cité Luxembourg until 17th April 2016

Art Brussels from 22nd to 24th April 2016