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Ino by Toan Nguyen for Laufen


Toan Nguyen just designed Ino bathroom collection, a reinterpretation of the classic washbasin shape for swiss brand Laufen. To do this, the innovative collection skilfully uses the design possibilities offered by Laufen’s SaphirKeramik: The objects with their simple lines and delicate yet extremely stable walls appear elegant, inviting and almost weightless. The collection includes wall-mounted washbasins, washbasin bowls, as well as semi-recessed basins, high-quality bathroom furniture and a bathtub available in two versions.


The starting point for the design of Ino was archetypical washbasin forms, which the designer Toan Nguyen reinterpreted with the help of the characteristic properties of SaphirKeramik.“I ended up creating a wall-mounted washbasin incorporating a shelf to one side. The shelf takes the place of the wider area normally found around a basin. Eliminating the wider edge around a conventional basin allows for a more generously sized washbasin. Its emphasis is more on lines and surface than on volume. But it’s not just about surface as the washbasin is made of ceramic and still has all its qualities – its materiality, a physical quality which you can touch and feel.” says the designer.


The easy-to-clean shelf with its upward-sweeping back wall defines the space next to the generous washbasin. It can be chosen for the left or the right-hand side, inviting the user to store cosmetics and bathroom accessories ready for use. The high design quality, the extraordinary SaphirKeramik material and the innovative power of the washbasin convinced the specialist jury at ISH, who gave it the coveted Design Plus Award 2015.


A physical quality which can be felt. Ino also includes wall-mounted washbasins with widths of 450mm and 560mm. The gentle curves create an intriguing contrast to the angular body which the basin transforms into at the back. Elegant bathroom layouts are made possible by both the washbasin bowls and the semi-recessed basins. Thanks to their extremely thin walls the bowls appear extremely generous, radiating an unbelievable lightness. Nevertheless, the hard, rigid, and easy-to-clean SaphirKeramik ensures that it is more than suitable for robust everyday use. “In the washbasins and bowls it is not only a question of surfaces, because the washbasins are made of ceramic material and have all the advantages of this material, it is a matter of materiality in the sense of a physical quality which you can touch and feel”, according to Nguyen.


The peaceful centre of the Ino bathroom is a 1800 x 800 x 520 mm freestanding bathtub. With its slim rim the oval bathtub appears both as filigree as the washbasin, and adopts its sweeping lines. The tub also features an integrated head rest for absolute relaxation. Alternatively a smaller model without head rest in dimensions  1700 x750 x 520 mm can be selected. The bathtub is made of solid surface Sentec material: In this way it can be made with a single wall in one casting, and is characterised by a lower weight. It is installed conventionally; the overflow, feet, and siphon are already integrated.


A high-quality furniture set with refined details. Toan Nguyen has also designed a bathroom furniture set for Ino, which harmonises both optically and functionally with the collection. To do so, the designer adopted a perspective which observed the furniture in its entirety: The wafer-thin front of the drawers clad with real wood veneer or powder-coated matt white aluminium thus also conceals the sides of the vanity unit, and is pulled out completely with the drawer. The vanity units are available for the washbasins with a shelf and the wall-mounted basins, and offer loads of space for towels, cosmetics, and other accessories. On the inside there are fitted storage holders which make it easier for the user to store even small items clearly.