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Rhombe Bauble/Bell by Lyngby Porcelæn

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Clean lines, the finest quality porcelain and patterns from the archives. Rhombe is an homage to the classics. The rhombus pattern, which has been brought up from the extensive design archives of Lyngby Porcelæn, was first seen in the popular Danild series in 1961.

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At the time, the pattern was transferred to the porcelain as a decal. However, in the new, updated ver- sion from 2014, the delicate rhombus pattern has been created in relief instead. The result: a beautiful and classic look.The simple yet impactful rhombus pattern on the ornaments from Lyngby Porcelæn is a perfect match for the modern Scandinavian-style Christmas, where the sharp relief stands out beautifully as a graphic detail against the glossy glaze.

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The Lyngby Porcelæn Rhombe bauble comes in the colours white, soft pink, soft green, nude, Copenhagen green, midnight blue and burgundy. The Rhombe bell comes in white.

The ornaments make beautiful decorations when hung from a simple branch, in a set of double doors, from the window frame and, of course, on a Christmas tree. As a material, the porcelain gives the design a natural weightiness, making the Rhombe ornaments perfect as trendy decorations on the holiday table and in tableaux around the home. Here, baubles casually piled in a large Lyngby bonbonnière become pure art deco.


The Lyngby Porcelæn bauble and bell ornaments both measure Ø6.5 cm.