duendepr.com news Moda 10/10 : FABRICA presents Tutti Frutti, a collection of glass sculptures inspired by vibrant Miami

Moda 10/10 : FABRICA presents Tutti Frutti, a collection of glass sculptures inspired by vibrant Miami


Selected by François Bernard and Moda team for 10/10 exhibition, Tutti Frutti is a collection by Fabrica of ten limited-edition glass sculptures made for displaying or serving fruit in a fascinating combination of the pure clarity of glass and the natural wholesomeness of fresh fruit. Elaborate three-dimensional compositions – which stand up by themselves or are made to be hung – in a perfect balance between the multicoloured verve of different fruits and the fragility of glass.


The collection includes Carmina by Sam Baron; the glass is seen only when it holds fruit, delicately placed in a frame as if hanging from a tree branch, or snugly set in a glass nest, the fruit is centrally positioned in the composition as if it were floating in the air.


Charlotte Juillard’s Summer Rain is as unexpected as a summer shower: strawberries seem to fall from the sky on this candelabra, held by a structure of six hanging tubes, each of which goes in a different direction.

Lastly, the legend of William Tell inspired Daniela Mesina’s Guglielmo!: the arrow splitting the apple is frozen in time as if attempting to fix a historical moment in glass. Others projects by Valentina Carretta, Kirsty Minns, Mariana Fernandes, Catarina Carreiras, DavidRaffoul and Giorgia Zanellato.


Fabrica is Benetton Group’s communication research centre. It was set up in 1994 to combine culture with industry and to offer young adults from around the world an opportunity for creative development and multicultural exchange. Fabrica is based in Treviso in a complex restored and enlarged by Tadao Ando.


10/10 by François Bernard and Moda 

Cocktail and Press opening 3rd September

Until  3rd October 2015


8 passage de la Boule Blanche

75012 Paris

An exhibition in partnership with Maison&Objet.