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Untilthen: Diogo Pimentão ‘Disjunctive’

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From 6th September to 11th October 2015, Diogo Pimentão presents ‘Disjunctive’ at Galerie Untilthen. A series of new pieces by the Portuguese visual artist is brought together under one name in the form of precarious balance, a search for truth between negation and affirmation modelled on the first piece conceived by the artist for this exhibition: ‘A piece that is unbalanced in the space, displayed on the structure of the gallery between the ground and the ceiling lending it scale. Two single points of contact, like a large needle that emphasises the disequilibrium and fragility of the space. I like this idea of the disequilibrium as a search for truth. Sport or walking puts us into in a permanent state of disequilibrium: endless dropping down and rising up to propel forward. This series of little falls creates movement. I am in this same relationship between equilibrium and disequilibrium with paper; I am obliged to listen to where it wants to go. It commands a certain folding, a direction.  For this piece like for all the others, the paper thus becomes a permanent object, but it also remains visually soft and malleable with apparent folding, a sensitive shape.

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Diogo Pimentão, born in 1973 in Lisbon, Portugal, is an artist with a particular interest in drawing, a genre that he implements and enriches by increasing the palpable sensual experience. The artist is not however an illustrator in the traditional sense of the term. His approach is marked by artistic experimentation based on symbolic materials like graphite powder and paper.

In his works that are often monochrome in appearance, the surface of the paper or of the wall becomes a delicate and metallic texture. The artist takes drawing beyond its contours and encompasses many shapes and forms. The production process, his truly basic approach, breaks down the boundaries between drawing, sculpture and performance. Through the act of drawing the artist takes over the given space that becomes, by means of choreographic gestures, an extension of the work at the same time as a sound experience. Diogo Pimentão lives and works in London.



Diogo Pimentão ‘Disjunctive’

From 6th September to 11th October 2015



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