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‘Fine’ Collection by Pauline Deltour for Lexon


Designed by Pauline Deltour for Lexon, ‘Fine’ is a collection of mobile, useful and elegant devices, reinventing the codes of Parisians version 2.0: a power bank (mobile telephone charger), a key ring and a USB key, a cardholder and a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. Contemporary essentials to slip into a handbag on workdays and for weekend escapades, “Fine” epitomises our urban and hybrid mobile lifestyles, permanently switching between work and leisure.


No wonder this young French designer was inspired by elegant essentials in the early 20th century. “Van Cleef & Arpel or Cartier minaudières were a wealth of ingenuity and technical perfection, with extreme attention to detail combining sophistication and minimum clutter. It is incredible what could be held in such small handbags. I have a passion for boxes: to tidy, to hide and to carry your belongings around. The box is a fascinating object combining mystery and simplicity. Pauline Deltour is perfectly familiar with this world after initially exploring it for Puiforcat with ‘Pocket Money,’ a series of luxuriously geometric objects.


Fine makes an immediate impression with its perfect elegance, precise feminine strokes, as well as robust materials. The anodized aluminium was a natural choice as it is light and easy to use, a nod to the silver, platinum and gold of these high-end minaudières that accompanied elegant Parisians on their evenings out and first trips at super speed: train, car and aeronautics stunned the senses back then like the instantaneousness of digital and city breaks, hopping from one capital to another today. Bronze, gold, metal and dark blue comprise the range of timeless and chic Parisian colours apt for any technical innovation. With ‘Fine,’ Pauline Deltour brilliantly summarises her accurate and essential vocabulary through soft geometry, as well as a contrast between smooth and relief. This alliance between feminine and industrial ensures her unique place in the French and international design landscape.



A speaker designed like a lipstick that requires twisting it to turn it on. The ‘Fine’ speaker uses a delicate gesture usually associated with cosmetics. The grooves are delicate as well as industrial, with almost vegetal micro-perforations to broadcast sound, the speaker plays on the contrast between its femininity and the industrial process, a signature of the whole collection.

Rechargeable Bluetooth 3W speaker

4.0 EDR. Volume controlled by rotation.

Diameter: 7 cm x 6.4 cm

Retail price: 59€



Power Bank

Parisians no longer smoke, but now instead they are dependant on their mobiles and batteries regularly require charging at the end of the day! The Power Bank is a natural replacement for the cigarette case: this identical format also slips into a handbag. Additional detail: the elastic band to secure the connection cable.

Dimensions: 8.7 x 6 x 13 cm

Retail price: 39€



Two compartments separated by a mirror to quickly touch up make-up. The ‘Fine’ cardholder combines two functions and easily slips into a modern-day minaudière (tiny evening bag from the start of the last century). Business and charm united in a single unit.

Dimensions: 9.4 x 6.5 x 1 cm

Retail price: 18€


Ring for keys and USB keys

The USB key is a modern handbag in itself for carrying files and documents to a meeting outside the office. Pauline Deltour’s design is a strict and minimalist contour to slip onto a ring alongside your other keys. This strip of pure and archetypal aluminium inspires efficiency, as well as fun sweetly reminiscent of a child’s whistle.

Ring diameter: 4.4 cm x 0.8 cm

8GB USB key

Dimensions: 3.3 x 1.2 x 1.2 cm

Retail price : 29 €

The  ‘Fine’ range is available in gunmetal, burgundy, dark blue and soft gold.

From 12th March, the Centre Pompidou shop will be the first to stock the collections ‘Fine’ by Pauline Deltour and ‘Dream Tools’ by Eugeni Quitllet for Lexon. The French brand has pulled off its challenge for over 24 years: to create a brand for electronics, objects, accessories for the office and luggage whose commercial success and international recognition systematically engages the design and the designers at the heart of each project. Illustrative of the famous axiom, ‘The product is the message,’ Lexon is a rare model of success in France that creates transgenerational best sellers capable of conveying and inciting immediate popularity. Exemplified by these two new collections created by Eugeni Quitllet and Pauline Deltour. These two designers each shape the times with their own unique creative vocabulary. www.lexon-design.com

Photo by Gerhardt Kellermann

Portrait Pauline Deltour by Franck Juery


Pauline Deltour graduated from the Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2007. She spent four years with Konstantin Grcic in Munich before setting up her own studio in Paris in 2010. The same year her “A tempo” wastepaper bin for Alessi immediately projected her into the big league. With steel wire, an elementary material, she designs a delicate and attractive best seller. Her vocabulary is balanced; she appropriates industrial manufacturing processes to invent precise forms with feminine and functional geometry. French elegance subjected to German efficiency. Alessi, Puiforcat, LaCie, Lexon, Böwer, MUJI, Discipline, FPM, BREE, Designerbox, Kvadrat, Puiforcat, Japan Creative and Arita comprise an impressive list of clients for such a young designer (she was born in 1983) and guarantee her a unique place in the French and international design landscape. 

Portrait Pauline Deltour 02 - Credit Franck Juery

In parallel to her work as a designer, she founded EN BANDE ORGANISÉE with Anne Laure Gautier and Gwenaëlle Girard in 2011, a label specifically devoted to installation projects: windows; exhibitions; stands and interior design conceived and produced for brands and institutions as prestigious as Puiforcat, Balmain, Première Vision, Paris Design Week, WallpaperLab, the Musée des arts Décoratifs and London Design Festival. www.paulinedeltour.com