duendepr.com news Von Ribbeck by Laura Straßer for Karakter

Von Ribbeck by Laura Straßer for Karakter

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Laura Straßer has designed the porcelain lamp ”Von Ribbeck” for Karakter - a lamp which takes its inspiration from a poem, a region and a grandmother. 


Throughout her childhood and adulthood Laura Straßer has been fascinated and drawn to the German poet ”Von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Haveland” written by Theodor Fontane. The story revolves around Von Ribbeck who gives pears from his tree to the children in his village even in his afterlife, where a pear tree grows at his churchyard. Theodor Fontane originates from the same region as Laura Straßer’s grandmother.


Karakter is a newly established lifestyle brand showing Joe Colombo relaunched together with brand new products at next Euroluce fair in april. Karakter’s aim is to create timeless and innovative designs, with functionality and quality as cornerstones of our objects permanent value. Their mission is to create a leading international design company in collaboration with the designers who we believe have the potential to become the stars of the future. Karakter strive to be both innovative and to have courage, but never at the expense of craft, function and beauty. The brand knows that only when combining these three elements is it possible to develop masterpieces that has a story and a soul.

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Von Ribbeck specifications

Materials: Porcelain body, top in brushed stainless steel

Dimensions: Height 21,3 cm, Ø18,8 cm

Socket: E27, max 60W incandescent or 12W LED