duendepr.com news [i land] by Brognon & Rollin at Albert Baronian

[i land] by Brognon & Rollin at Albert Baronian


From 12th March to 18th April 2015, Albert Baronian will exhibit [i land], a new series of works by the young French-Belgian duo David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin whose radical and brilliant minimalism once again delineates confinement and waiting. A barely sketched outline or a contrario carefully mapped in the true, concrete and frightening sense of the term with Cosmographia (Gorée Island), 2015. A mad and monumental piece that physically archives the contradictory reality of the island to better organise its kidnapping. Synonymous with tourist escape in the 20th century, the island is primarily a desolate, deserted and cut-off place. A small prison territory, used as such to exclude undesirables, store them like more or less dangerous or perishable merchandise according to the times. Alcatraz, St Hélène and Gorée comprise a geographical and symbolic corpus with a double meaning, between evasion and confinement, that Brognon & Rollin decided to go and really trace out full-scale in situ, starting with Gorée (Senegal). An island that is a symbol of the trafficking and imprisonment of men by mankind, Gorée is home to the House of Slaves. Centimetre by centimetre, spanning more than 6 days, the 3km outline of the island was reproduced on paper, put in envelopes and sent to Brussels to be stored and classified, using an archive system chosen by the artists: a total of more than 3,000 geographical fragments and prison escapees before being reincarcerated and sealed in a merciless stainless steel shelving unit. Alongside Cosmographia (Gorée Island), five new pieces will be presented at the Albert Baronian Gallery around the young duo’s obsessions. Watch this space.


David Brognon and Stéphanie Rollin manipulate a social and often marginal raw material, the recurrent motifs of which are confinement and control. Systems of confinement which they juxtapose with their own refractions of reality, conceptual prisms tailor-made to release rogue rainbows woven into black light. With “Fate will Tear us Apart” (2011), an accumulation of the lines of fate in the palms of users of hard drugs casts a neon glow on the walls. The clock in “8m2 Loneliness” charts the interrupted time of a prisoner in his cell, while “The Most Beautiful Attempt” (2012) captures hope in the candour of its perpetual movement. With “And I’ll Explain my Love for You on Another Day” (2013), a verse by Rainer Maria Rilke appears in the fragile context of an anamorphic reflection, legible if the viewer is willing to get down to street level, at the foot of a drain. The duo captures sparkles using devices which create a permanent tension between light and the invisible, the physical and the intangible, like blocks of crystalline reality colliding with ever-increasing subtlety.


[i land]

 David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin

from 12th March to 18th April 2015

Galerie Albert Baronian

2 rue Isidore Verheyden

1050 Brussels