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VK-1 headphones by Eugeni Quitllet for Aëdle


Eugeni Quitllet has disclosed that he is the designer behind the success of the VK-1 headphones by the French brand Aëdle, well on its way to setting a standard on the market. The true DNA of headphones in a nutshell, the Catalan designer reviews the technical and emotional codes for mobility with Aëdle like a brief résumé of the history of music. Gracefully sleek, produced in fine, quietly nostalgic materials (leather and aluminium), VK-1 is a universal and absolutely timeless archetype, willing to be rescaled in the future. 

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Manufactured in Brittany, the VK-1 combines high-performance transducers with neodymium magnets for perfect sound quality. Each piece is shaped in aluminium with a one-year guarantee. The VK-1 design is a shining example of Eugeni Quillet’s research blending sculpture and contemporary archaeology to literally reveal silhouettes hidden in the material, frameworks of extremely visual objects the elegance of which breaks away from industry codes. A revelation of the contours and forms that he takes pleasure in summarizing here again through a metaphor that toys with suspension and murkiness to dispel: ‘Utopia is a mist from where feasible ideas emerge.’

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VK-1 headphones by Eugeni Quittlet for Aëdle

Retail price : 390 euros

Sales outlets: www.aedle.net

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