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Boom Boom, the first surround sound speaker recorder


Do you want to relive a great moment? To be literally transported back to a memorable moment experienced yesterday or years ago? Before reading on, discover 3D sound by clicking here (listen with headphones for the maximum surround sound effect). The advent of social networks has given rise to a predominance of looking over listening through the prevalence of photo and video sharing. From today, exchanging experiences is even more magical thanks to surround sound. Following its launch in Milan last April, Boom Boom, the progressive wireless speaker, dreamt up by Binauric, designed by Mathieu Lehanneur, is revolutionising the world of portable speakers with a new smartphone application that enables 3D sound to be recorded at home or on the move. The speaker becomes a recorder, capturing unique sounds on your smartphone by means of a panoramic recording method. Incredible sound spatialisation and top quality definition add a new dimension to the audio experience. Live, record and then re-listen with headphones to relive the moment as if you were there. Deeply disturbing teletransportation experience guaranteed.


At a time when large manufacturers are equipping their messaging apps with speech functions, Binauric and his Boom Boom herald a new era in content exchange on social networks. Following photo and video exchanges by millions thanks to the increasingly impressive quality of images taken by smartphones, a new era has begun where top quality sound is as appealing as pixels. Thanks to more immersive audio technology, exchanging sound moments is as vibrant as film. And much more mysterious… Pure sound draws Sandra Bullock to the ground when she drifts into weightlessness in Gravity. A sound, a voice so mysterious that it leads to a short film in the shape of a countershot to give a voice to the Inuit who speaks without understanding to this strange interlocutor lost in space. It is also a pure sound – Scarlett Johansson’s husky voice never appearing on the screen – giving the film ‘Her’ another dimension.


For Mathieu Lehanneur, always on the lookout for new features and functions,” Previously sound recorded on a smartphone was flat and pointless. Now it is around me. It is fascinating to watch people experience Binauric 3D sound for the first time. They close their eyes, smile and let themselves go with the sound. It is an entirely new experience.


Designed like an open platform, Boom Boom proposes new opportunities in the future without requiring a new device to be purchased. Like your smartphone, it will update with each new function. The recording app will be available shortly on the Apple Store. This new function is easy to use and the design is inspired by nature. Boom Boom is ‘as evident and magical as fruit. I wanted a portable speaker to be as simple, instinctive and desirable as an apple freshly fallen from a tree. A sound object ready to be grasped,” summarises Mathieu Lehanneur. No top, no bottom, perfect ergonomics requiring intuitive handling, Boom Boom speaks to you in your language and with multiple voice intonations: ” An object has never addressed you so well before!” laughs Lehanneur.


Boom Boom speaker recorder 

Available in 3 colours: Khaki, Burgundy, White

Dimensions: 125 x 125 x 125 mm

Weight: 350 g

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Public price : 199 €