duendepr.com news Steel Lab Light by Andrea Kleinloog for Karakter

Steel Lab Light by Andrea Kleinloog for Karakter

The Lab Light’s success by Andrea Kleinloog for Karakter brought on the desire to make a “youthful” version that could be more successfully (and easily) customized. The starting point was to look at scientific equipment using steel only – allowing for the entire luminaire to be spray painted. The base, stem, lampshade and rotating arm (basically everything) is painted aluminum. The lamp comes with a black 2 m. cord with an on/off switch.


29-year-old Andrea Kleinloog from South Africa is the designer behind the Lab Light series. She grew up in Johannesburg with both of her parents working in the pharmaceutical industry and when the need for a functional table lamp surfaced she was inspired by her parents’ work and their old lab equipment. Although the Lab Light series is inspired by lamps of yesterday they have still created a stir throughout the World due to their simple aesthetics, beautiful mix of materials and something familiar though not seen before. Her table lamp is form and function at its best. This is also the reason why the lamp won the prestigious Most Beautiful Object in South Africa at Design Indaba 2010 and was Elle Décor International nominee 2011. So far the Lab Light comes in two versions, one in painted steel and one that unites porcelain, brass and black painted steel.

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Karakter is a newly established lifestyle brand whose aim is to create timeless and innovative designs, with functionality and quality as cornerstones of our objects permanent value. Their mission is to create a leading international design company in collaboration with the designers who we believe have the potential to become the stars of the future. Karakter strive to be both innovative and to have courage, but never at the expense of craft, function and beauty. The brand knows that only when combining these three elements is it possible to develop masterpieces that has a story and a soul.


Steel Lab Light specifications

Materials: Steel & aluminium

Dimensions: Height 70 cm, Shade Ø14 cm

Socket: GU10/GZ10, max 5,5W LED