duendepr.com news “Fitting” by Douglas Gordon for Wink

“Fitting” by Douglas Gordon for Wink


In the scope of FIAC, on 21st October Douglas Gordon presented a piece or a performance called “Fitting” for Wink at Silencio. This piece, as well as a performance, “Fitting” is produced in tandem with the Italian shoemaker Francesco Russo, specializing in tailor-made designs for women. Douglas Gordon crossed a boot and an evening glove to create a monstrous object putting its user in an ambivalently unorthodox position. 


The artist spent the evening with his foot and hand connected in this nonsensical fashion for Wink and Silencio’s guests to try. Accompanied by Francesco Russo, Gordon engaged de facto in a performance and fitting, as collectors wishing to acquire the piece were immediately photographed with the artist whilst the shoemaker took the purchaser’s exact measurements to create a tailor-made boot and glove. The Three Steps to Heaven cocktail designed by the artist was offered during the performance. More to follow in Los Angeles brand new concept store Please Do Not Enter from december to february with a special Wink presentation.

Photos credit : Douglas Gordon


“Fitting” by Douglas Gordon for Wink