duendepr.com news “This is not a love song” by Didier Faustino at villa Bloc (Paris)

“This is not a love song” by Didier Faustino at villa Bloc (Paris)


Natalie Seroussi lives in a place between art and architecture since 26 years at the Villa Bloc in Meudon. The setting of the famous villa designed in the 1950s by André Bloc, a precursor of contemporary architecture, impacts her work as a gallery owner, as well as her sensitivity as a collector. Every year, since 2008, Natalie Seroussi invites an artist to interact with this extremely unique architectural heritage. On the heels of Ernesto Neto, Mathieu Briand, Malachi Farrell, Michel François, Tobias Putrih, Phill Niblock, Natalie Seroussi has asked Didier Faustino to do a proposal as a visual artist, as well as an architect.


In response to this invitation Didier Faustino implements an explosive architectural installation, reduced to its simplest form in order to accommodate forthcoming events in this very special place.


This contextual proposal reflects André Bloc’s architecture which tends to circumvent function through constructing «sculpture-habitacle». In one liberating movement, Bloc limits the place of the body in his architecture. That is the history of this place. This ambiguous field between architecture and sculpture is very similar to mine. The success of architecture as an imposed subject must end. The body has to regain the architecture through his social aspect. My proposal is therefore a sculptured event surmounting the «sculpture-habitacle», with a minimal effect upon the architecture, merely framing a space waiting to be inhabited.


The title “This is not a Love Song”, inspired by the eponymous title by Public Image Limited, emphasises my detachment towards André Bloc, as well as the future potential of this sculpture to become an architecture, an installation, a performance or an event space…” Didier Faustino summarises.


In “Habitacle II”, a blueprint for architectural sculpture, Didier Faustino envisages two art pieces : one made of light and the other made of sound. Both express our doubts and hesitations. Nowhere Somewhere takes the shape of a light highlighting the different openings of the «sculpture-habitacle». Its various arrows are no longer directional, as they are more disorientating than helpful in terms of directions! Paradoxically this “all directions” beacon immobilises the spectator who then is ready to listen.


Trust Me, three whispering voices, urges us not to trust architects. Inhabiting the space in which it resonates, this cautioning calls us to reconsider the status of architecture and its real intentions.


Didier Faustino’s disorientating exhibition, includes hypothetical trajectories and loss of landmarks to bring out and question the transgressive dimension of André Bloc’s work.

Photo credit : Felipe Ribon


Didier Faustino “This is not a love song” 

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