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Opening showroom KKDC/Obumex by Joseph Dirand

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KKDC, manufacturer of haut de gamme LED lighting and OBUMEX builder of bespoke kitchens and interiors have collaborated on a new Parisian showroom dedicated to architects, interior and lighting designers. The design is signed by Joseph Dirand, the star of French interior design. Joseph’s graphic yet silky style is evident in both the volumes and lines of the showroom and also in the design of the kitchen produced exclusively by OBUMEX and shown in preview last 11th of September at the opening party.

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“My profession is to design unique spaces, whether they be private or commercial. It is essential for me, to be able to realise my projects, to surround myself with the people the most competent in their profession who are passionate about what they do and who propose to always push the barriers of what is possible, together. In my opinion, manufacturers have a responsibility to push architects to fuel and animate their creativity, in the same way as architects steer manufacturers to offer them solutions and to innovate. It’s a story of symbiosis. Obumex and KKDC are amongst those manufacturers with whom it is stimulating to affront challenges within my projects. To create this showroom we have come together to create a common project which highlights a particular working ideology. Far from presenting ‘products to sell’, the vocation of this venue is to show, explain and promote the work of each partner. KKDC are not a lighting supplier; they propose systems to architects. Obumex are not a kitchen manufacturer; they offer a unique savoir-faire.


This showroom allowed me to reflect on a new way to present things, with the “at home” feeling that everyone will connect with on their own level. I wanted to offer a friendly atmosphere that invites you join in a story with the narrators being Obumex, KKDC and myself.” explains Joseph Dirand


With this Parisian address, KKDC and Obumex have created an emblematic space that highlights the complementary nature of their association. An association since 4 years nurtured by some of the finest European architects independently associating their expertise and culminating in this collaboration to offer professionals complete solutions from these two leaders in their fields.


From its head office in Belgium, Obumex has led bespoke and top-of-the range housing projects for renowned French, Swiss and English architects and decorators worldwide for 60 years. Originating with a carpentry expertise, the family business founded by Eli Ostyn now specialises in both tailor-made kitchens and interior design.  Obumex provides ideal support for architects turning their visions into reality. 120 people comprising all the necessary trades and outstanding materials enable each detail to be perfected. Excellent coordination is guaranteed, as well as on-site supervision. The family business, with main references in Paris, London, Geneva and the Côte d’Azur, also makes a point of strictly respecting timescales and budgets, regardless of its international location.


Each project is a distinctive and original prototype for Obumex. The only exceptions to the rule are the two kitchen ‘concepts’. In 1996, the Belgian company invited John Pawson to design a kitchen that could be customised for each client. Success led to the international market opening up! Autumn 2014, eighteen years later, and another architect famed for contemporary minimalism, Joseph Dirand, unveils only the second Obumex kitchen concept since the 60s. This kitchen is a stroke of French creative genius resulting in an increasingly productive and sustainable collaboration. A new Parisian venue for the Belgian brand adds to its showrooms in Staden, Brussels, Anvers, Gand and Knokke.


KKDC has manufactured top of the range LED lighting solutions for architectural markets since 2005. This Australian business has an international presence with offices in Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, London, Paris, Kyoto and Beijing. The KKDC factory is in Paju, South Korea. The brand develops increasingly innovative lighting solutions from Korea reflecting the requirements of lighting designers and responding to their demands in terms of light quality, temperature variation, integration and energy conservation. France discovered KKDC when its first Parisian office opened in 2009. KKDC Paris has since provided lighting for internationally renowned hotels, some of the most prestigious luxury stores, private homes, museums and bridges in France and worldwide.

This success is owed to the lighting that we design in tandem with forward-thinking lighting designers, experts in innovative lighting. Our light sources are mainly used for indirect lighting and subtly help to highlight and enhance architectural features.

KKDC provides increasingly cutting-edge technology, adapted to the needs of architects and lighting engineers, providing lighting for historical monuments and contemporary buildings, as well as urban and landscaped areas. KKDC manufactures every strip ‘In-house.’ There is always a solution for each lighting challenge with our spectrum of white shades, a very high colour rendering index and light consistency. Haute couture lighting is our speciality.


Photo credit : Adrien Dirand

Showroom KKDC/Obumex

20-22 passage Dauphine

75006 Paris