duendepr.com news Didier Faustino « Des corps & Des astres » at Villa Bloc

Didier Faustino « Des corps & Des astres » at Villa Bloc


Modern art gallery owner and contemporary art collector, Natalie Seroussi occupies the engineer, sculptor and painter André Bloc’s house in Meudon, founder of the reviews Architecture d’aujourd’hui, Art d’aujourd’hui, and Aujourd’hui. Every year since 2008, Natalie Seroussi has invited an artist to design an installation in situ to interact with André Bloc’s sculpture habitats in the park. Ernesto Neto, Mathieu Briand, Malachi Farrell, Michel François, Tobias Putrih and Phill Niblock have already responded to this invitation. This year Natalie Seroussi invites Didier Faustino to design an exhibition in Habitacle II.

Called « Des corps & Des astres »(‘Bodies and Heavenly Bodies’) the exhibition will open in tandem with European Heritage Days on 20th and 21st September 2014 and will last until the opening of the artwork This is not a Love Song at the time of FIAC. For this exhibition Didier Faustino pays tribute to André Bloc’s work through two complementary works Nowhere Somewhere and Trust Me.

A metaphor for our doubts and hesitations, the aerial device Nowhere Somewhere directs bodies inside an invisible architecture. The function of the object conveys the semantics of the arrow. The ‘all directions’ enables us to find our way and to orientate us thanks to its luminosity.

Three whispering voices, the sound work Trust Me urges us not to trust architects. Inhabiting the space in which it is broadcast, this caution invites us to reconsider the status of architecture and its true purpose.

Didier Faustino’s exhibition with its hypothetical trajectories, loss of benchmarks and disorientation questions André Bloc’s work revealing the whole transgressive dimension.

Credit photo Nowhere Somewhere. 2013 Didier Faustino © ADAGP. Courtesy Galerie Michel Rein, Paris / Brussels. Photo: © MuCEM 2013

« Des corps & Des astres » by Didier Faustino

European Heritage Days

20th to 21st September 2014

Villa André Bloc - Habitacle II - Meudon – France

Villa Bloc

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