duendepr.com news Elyxmania takes the web by storm !

Elyxmania takes the web by storm !


Elyx and his creator, Yacine AIT KACI, aka Yak, have had an unprecedented summer, spearheading Digital Street Art. Social networks have fallen head over heels for the everyday adventures of this little, illustrated guy who looks upon reality from a tender, funny, poetic and off-the-wall perspective. The capital’s most popular blogs, from Télématin (that refers to him as the new web mascot), France24, to the Ville de Paris, have in the space of several weeks made Elyx a true emblem of Paris. The resonance is immediate, the significance of the different ELYXYAK accounts amounts to millions of hits at the height of the summer. A web phenomenon is out and about. Elyx shares his smile and his good humour with an ever-increasing number of subscribers, nearly 50,000 to date. The media has monopolized this phenomenon with LeMouv, Libération, 20 minutes, Corriere della Serra and others reporting the small character’s adventures and inception.


Elyx’s wide-ranging impact and expression beyond words resonates as far as the United Nations, the Regional Information Centre for Western Europe (UNRIC) of which invites YAK to present his plan and ideas in Brussels. Now that the summer holidays are over, in a dramatic turnaround Elyx is already the voice of the United Nations on social networks for a whole series of international days, starting with the climate summit in New York 23rd September 2014. The official UN Twitter account has already started to publish his images. At the rate of one drawing every other day, Elyx is turning into a little virtual and universal messenger firmly rooted in the fundamental values of sharing, inclusion and kindness.

This summer boom heralds a large number of projects, partnerships and diverse and varied appearances, in short this is just the beginning and there is a great deal more about Elyx and his father YAK to come – watch this space!


Press contact: press@elyxyak.com