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This is not a love song by Didier Faustino


Upon invitation by Natalie Seroussi as part of the forthcoming Journées du Patrimoine in France (Heritage Days) on September 20th and 21st 2014, Didier Faustino proposes a new dwelling called “This is not a love song” in the Villa André Bloc gardens in Meudon, as well as an installation, “Bodies and Stars” in dwelling II.

this is not a love song

this is not an architecture/a tribute

this is a feat/a misdemeanor

this is a performance/a light & vulnerable shelter

this is///a love song.

Owner of a modern art gallery and contemporary art collector, Natalie Seroussi, bought the architect, sculptor, and artist André Bloc’s property, in Meudon to house her collection of contemporary art. Every year, she asks an artist to create a pavilion adding to the sculptured dwellings produced by André Bloc in the garden. Ernesto Neto, Mathieu Briand, Malachi Farrell, Michel François, Tobias Putrih et Phill Niblock already answered yes to this invitation. 

This is Not a Love Song by Didier Faustino

Villa Bloc 
informations at : galerie@natalieseroussi.com

Galerie Natalie Seroussi

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This is not a love song. 2014

Didier Faustino © ADAGP

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