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Naziha Mestaoui, altruistic vibration


Naziha Mestaoui is an avant-garde artist, symbolising a magnanimous vision of art that placing nature at the heart of cultural issues.’ For most of the planet today, modernity is synonymous with the west. Is this something to rejoice in? Do we need to return to notions that preceded modernity, religion being the only hope of any future? Or should we cultivate the artistic, scientific, cultural and political beginnings of a new and altruistic modernity, a modest utopia where the happiness of the other, particularly future generations, is a condition of our own? There are very few artists at the altruistic stage. I am thinking of Naziha Mestaoui and her One Beat One Tree installation that gives spectators the ability to create a virtual tree via a heartbeat sensor and that in addition is actually planted. Today the artistic avant-garde heralds the end of individualism.’  Jacques Attali. [1]

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One Beat One Tree installation [2], that has just been awarded the COAL Coup de cœur 2014 by bloggers, summarizes the artist’s initiative that reconciles opposites by building bridges between virtual and reality, between technology and nature, as well as between the visible and invisible. [3] Addressing reality with the help of digital tools, a modern city-scale vision is envisaged for Parisians at the 21st Climate Conference [4] that will take place in December 2015 with the monumental installation One heart, One tree [5]a ‘Crowd Greening’ project that will cover the capital’s monuments with forests offering spectators the chance to create a virtual tree that they will be able to see growing on monuments in rhythm with their heart. The virtual tree is then actually planted in Europe, Latin America, Africa or Asia. ‘Enjoying a reputation as City of Light for a long time, a symbol of industrial modernity and progress, Paris lights up in an embodiment of ecological postmodernity. The capital reinvents itself, in a multipolar and connected world to define a united urban and radiant culture, in harmony with nature. Each citizen becomes a co-creator of our collective future beyond individualism,’ expressed the artist.

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As a pioneer in the world of digital arts and a member of the artistic duo Electronic Shadow, an installation using ‘mapping,’ a three-dimensional video projection creating uncanny plant growth is a logical move.

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Her extended residencies amongst native populations (Amazonia, India, Oman) led to a series of projects based on the plurality of relationships between man and nature that, as Philippe Descola demonstrates, makes our western culture, disconnected from the environment, an exception. She carries out her research on the intangible cultural heritage [6] of societies still living in a reality formed of visible and invisible worlds. Her creative process consists of reinventing the future of our societies whose technology and science, notably through quantum physics, lead towards de-materialisation. An optimistic view inspired by the most ancestral cultures is created from it in order to ‘re-enchant’ our reality around essential values.

One Beat One Tree Pavillon

Forthcoming Exhibitions

Dak’ART, Dakar Biennial of Contemporary Art, Senegal, from 7th May to 8th June 2014 (Bodies in Resonance)

Roland Garros, RG LAB, from 20th May to 8th June 2014, Graine d’énergie (Seed of Energy)

Gaîté Lyrique, Futur en Seine, from 12th to 15th June, Graine d’énergie (Seed of Energy)

UMAM Biennial, Mediterranean Union for Modern Art, at the Château-Musée Cagnes-sur-Mer, from 5th June to 23rd November 2014 (Bodies in Resonance)

Salvador de Bahia Biennial of Contemporary Art, Brazil, from 15th July to 7th September 2014 (Sounds of Light)

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