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PP Møbler New Chairs for Hans J. Wegner’s 100th Anniversary


For the celebration of Hans J. Wegner‘s 100th Anniversary, PP Møbler just relaunched 4 exclusive chairs in Milan at the MC Selvini showroom from 8th to 13th april. The Original Round Chair will come in a limited edition of 100 in ash and 100 in oak (Wegner’s favorite wood). The Tub Chair was definitely a unique fusion where Wegner emerged the new moulding plywood technique with upholstery and traditional wood work in solid wood. The Hammock Chair is a remarkable sculpture made to offer a tangible relaxing experience creating the resemblance of a hammock in a reclining chair. The Upholstered Peacock Chair is, as the name implies, an upholstered interpretation of the pp550 Peacock Chair from 1947, one of Wegner’s all time classics and one of his personally most beloved designs.

The Original Round Chair

A limited anniversary edition of pp501|pp503 The Chair (1949/1950)


The Round One as Wegner referred to it with his usual provincial modesty, is one of the most famous Danish pieces of furniture – certainly the most distinctly Danish. In its own modest and simple way it sums up the very essence of traditional Danish woodworking and design philosophy. And it is absolutely the most important work of Hans J. Wegner. PP Møbler relaunches this year the original version of the 501 with a caned back. This back was originallly made to hide the joint between the arms and the back, as it posed a significant challenge that was not yet solved. The model  was later improved to come with the characteristic wedged tenon joint in a carved solid wood back cut from 200 years old trees.


With this chair Wegner came into his own right, no longer needing the inspiration from other cultures and designers that had influenced his earlier works. This chair was created in a language of shape and construction that only Wegner spoke and it triggered the first ever, foreign report on Danish design in the American Interiors Magazine. It also became the cornerstone in a wide range of designs, which for more than a decade constituted the core business of several Danish furniture manufacturers, effectively becoming the main force in the great international breakthrough of Danish Modern.

When John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon met in the first ever, televised election debate in 1960, they sat in The Round Chair. It was chosen mainly for its comfort and genuine quality – made in Denmark and shipped to the USA to play an important role in this historic event. Eventually the Americans came up with a new and more telling name for this chair. They called it The Chair.

The 501 original comes in oak and ash. 100 of each in a limited edition. The back of the pp501|pp503 is carved out of a 5 inch piece of solid wood. pp501 comes with cane seat in nature or light. The material used in caning chairs is derived from the peeled bark or skin of the rattan vine native to Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Some vines reach 600 feet in length. Rattan vine looks somewhat similar to bamboo but is much more flexible. pp503 comes with upholstered seat.

Soap Treated —Oak, Ash | Oil Treated — Oak, Ash, Cherry, Walnut | Lacquered — Oak, Ash, Cherry, Walnut

pp530 Tub Chair (1954)

There is no doubt that the complexity of this design is a brilliant example of the bold and pioneering experiments that Wegner conducted throughout his life, this from 1954 being one of the earliest and the Circle Chair from 1986 being the latest of that kind.


The extraordinary Tub Chair was conceived at Johannes Hansen. “In the late 40’ies and 50’ies this workshop was the preferred and closest partner to Wegner, a role that PP Møbler did not take over before the 60’ies. At Johannes Hansen Wegner created most of his significant early fine crafts designs like the Peacock Chair, the Upholstered Peacock, the Folding Chair, The Chair, the Cow Horn Chair, the Valet Chair and the Swivel Chair. The Tub Chair was as mentioned before one of the most pioneering experiments conducted at Johannes Hansen. The Upholstered Peacock and the Tub Chair are significantly important re-introduction from PP Møbler because they are outstanding and unique examples of Wegner’s work with easy chairs, but also because they are unique examples of good design in general. They offer inspiration with pioneering concepts, and they do it as extremely good quality products that are comfortable and will last for a lifetime” explains Master of Craftsmen Kasper Holst Pedersen, PP Møbler.


Wegner usually never named his designs himself. “To my knowledge he only named the Round Chair that was later christened The Chair by the Americans. The origin of the name ‘Tub Chair’ certainly refers to the shape of the back shell. It was never given a number. We will give it the model number 530. ” says Kasper Pedersen

pp530 comes with an adjustable back featuring 3 positions: One upright position for reading, one middle position for normal use and one position for laid back relaxing.

Soap Treated — Oak, Ash | Oil Treated — Oak, Ash | Lacquered — Oak, Ash

pp135 Hammock Chair (1967)

The Hammock Chair is a remarkable sculpture made to offer a tangible relaxing experience. The beautiful curves balances with the sturdy moulded wood construction and the flag line pattern with an excessive elegance that elevates this bold design into one of Wegner’s truly unique creations. Based on the idea of stretching out a flexible surface of flag line strings in a wooden frame, Wegner has created the resemblance of a hammock in a reclining chair. Within this design concept Wegner invented the simple metal clips that allow the characteristic pattern in the string work, which continues in a number of later designs with the pp130 Circle Chair as the latest example.


pp135 comes with an upholstered pillow and neckrest in fabric. Halyard — Natural, Black | Clips — Steel, Brass, Black | Soap Treated — Oak, Ash

pp521 Upholstered Peacock (1953)

In the Upholstered Peacock chair Wegner has repeated the arch from the original version and then covered the construction with fabric except for the neck and the armrests. These are covered with leather, because these parts take the most wear. The combination of leather and fabric is unique for Wegner, and the way in which the use of these two contradicting materials is so well balanced is a strong example of Wegner’s abi- lity to solve almost any design concept with the utmost convincing elegance.


pp521 is upholstered using only natural materials like flax fibers, cotton, jute straps, palm leaves and horsehair. This is the only way to ensure that this kind of easy chair will be worn in rather than worn out with time. Soap Treated — Oak, Walnut | Oil Treated — Oak, Walnut | Lacquered — Oak, Walnut

Hans J Wegner, Hans Wegner, Hans Jørgensen Wegner

Hans J. Wegner 100th Birthday with PP Møbler

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