duendepr.com news New seat pads to fit Emeco chairs

New seat pads to fit Emeco chairs


SEAT PADS are made to fit the famous Emeco bum dip and are made of recycled plastic bottles and felt.  The Seat Pad is formed to match the iconic seat form used on Emeco chairs since 1944 – and they add color and warmth to any Emeco chair with that same famous seat. Each pad is made from two layers – an underlying substrate made from rPET felt bonded with topside of colorful wool felt. The materials are bonded together forming one thin pad.


The seat pad is designed with Emeco’s simple, no-nonsense design sensibility, environmentally smart, feels good to the touch, and it looks handsome on our chairs. The seat pad is an innovative, material-driven solution with sustainability baked in.” Gregg Buchbinder, President and CEO, Emeco


The classic Emeco seat has a strong shape- we call it Emeco bones. We wanted to create a colorful seat pad that would form well and hold its shape. We chose rPET because it is a formable synthetic felt, and bonds beautifully with the wool felt we chose for the top layer, making a ‘sandwich.’ Of course, rPET fits Emeco’s mission of using eco-conscious recycled materials.” Magnus Breitling, Vice President of Product, Emeco


ABOUT EMECO : The American furniture company Emeco was founded in 1944 to make lightweight, non-corrosive, fire resistant and torpedo proof chairs for the US Navy. The classic 1006 Navy Chair was born, and served duty on American Navy submarines and battleships. Today Emeco craftsmen in Hanover, Pennsylvania continue to handcraft chairs that are so strong they are passed down through generations – that’s how we define ‘sustainability.’ Emeco is leading the industry, exploring andinnovating ways to use consumer and industrial waste, and environmentally responsible resources to create and build simple, timeless furniture. We work with the world’s best designers and influential corporations including Philippe Starck, Norman Foster, BMW, Frank Gehry, Coca-Cola, Jean Nouvel, Konstantin Grcic and Nendo, and make chairs that live up to the standards that we inherited from our founders with a vision to make a difference. www.emeco.net