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Mona by Lucie Koldova for Brokis

MONA Brokis by Lucie Koldova

Oversized bell-shaped lamp MONA for Brokis designed by Paris-Prague based Czech designer Lucie Koldova shows sensitively the beauty of smooth glass in soft curves. The source of tubular light permeating daringly the delicate body of the lamp builds a thrilling tension of this design. Sophisticated design of the elegant hand blown lampshade resembling form of a futuristic helmet is based on the principle of penetrating forms, designer previously applied in the design of the Capsula light (Brokis, 2013). The unexpected combination of a wood, textile and glass reflects designer’s distinctive style here.

MONA colors_Brokis  by Lucie Koldova

Lampshade is fixed on a stick sheltering LED source, suspended on textile straps secured by wooden buttons. Available in various colours including a gradient glass shade.

Born in 1983 in the Czech Republic, Lucie Koldova studied in Prague before working in Paris where she set up her studio in 2012. Clear and precise like glass, her preferred material, Lucie Koldova develops a minimalist and sensual style. Therefore it was natural for her to distinguish herself in 2010 with her first series of lights “Balloon” and “Muffins” for the Czech blown-glass specialist Brokis. She blends glass and wood pushing the proportions of these lights to their maximum. The charismatic, simple and elegant result form the basis of her vocabulary that she has been refining and exploring for Lasvit, La Chance and Marcel by. She is also artistic director for Brokis and the new Belgian manufacturer of furniture Per/Use.

MONA_Brokis  by Lucie Koldova