duendepr.com news MaPharmacie (MyDrugstore) by José Levy at République (Paris)

MaPharmacie (MyDrugstore) by José Levy at République (Paris)


At 44, rue Faubourg du Temple in République José Levy unveils a second opus of the MaPharmacie concept initiated by Michael Zazoun (pharmacist by day, advice columnist without reserve by night with Enora Malagre on Virgin Radio). After Bastille in 2010, the duo is totally rewriting the rules for pharmacies, a reinterpretation where nothing is broken but everything is changed. Your local paternalistic shop, in standard wood and white tiles just enhanced with the pharmaceutical point of sale display loved by teens (the finest advertising images of healthy legs and buttocks), is summarized here in a functional and chic minimarket that combines a pharmacy, jewellers and urban nature.



Here the pharmacist does not look for the required medicine in the stockroom, he becomes a shaman for several seconds, literally dives into the heart of the Amazon Forest crossing the plant wall (synthetic) that separates the shop floor from the stockroom to bring back the precious medicinal ingredient. As is often the case José Levy uses an almost fictional time lag to return to fundamental principals. The apothecary is a vendor of natural remedies, a intermediary between plants and humans who distributes these products in 2014 in a space fitted LED moving message screens, very cosmetic mirrors, a grid of neon lighting as relentless as an electronic game, upon sumptuous green marble from Guatemala.


The main decorative element is the medicine itself, the packaged boxes are celebrated, aligned en masse in a stretch of black, glass and mirrored shelves, functional supports that reflect cosmetic retail space. Promotional offers and advertising displays are grouped to the left of the shop, subheaded by a programmable scrolling LED strip, an explicit reference to the Las Vegas side inherent to the business whether pharmaceutical or not.


The neon lights are here then like in any self-respecting pharmacy, but what José Levy had in mind was more a clip by Daft Punk revised by François Morellet when he set up this prefect grid, the attractive and regular form of which stands out. After studying to be a doctor in pharmacy, Michael Zazoun went to business school to bring a fresh approach to this business almost like another. With this second design by José Levy, he lays the basis for a global concept that creates a new model for the retail pharmacy.




44 rue Faubourg du Temple

75011 Paris


Crédit photos : Matthieu Salvaing

Architectes : Nathaniel Sibony et Jean François Isse