duendepr.com news Wink Edition : Christian Boltanski, Claude Lévêque, Anri Sala, Jesper Just, …

Wink Edition : Christian Boltanski, Claude Lévêque, Anri Sala, Jesper Just, …

2013 venin

Christian Boltanski, Claude Lévêque and Anri Salla: a line-up worthy of the greatest institutions for a gallery measuring one square meter. This is the first challenge for Wink, a capricious company for bringing dreams to fruition, and open to any ambitious projects launched by Mélanie Meffrer Rondeau, consultant and former director of the Yvon Lambert gallery, and Eva Albarran, founder of the eponymous production company devoted to contemporary art. To start the ball rolling, an invitation from the Parisian club Silencio to design a cycle of exhibitions for their 1m2 gallery from April 2013 to December 2014. A window, literally and figuratively, leapt upon by the duo immediately defying its limits. ‘The size of the exhibition does not define the ambition of the project of course. Our immediate reaction is to implement a small, off-the-wall but top-level project’ the two associates summed up. 4 artists are still to come in this new format: one work of art, 7 copies of which are made, contained in a box, with a price tag of between 12,000 and 15,000 euros.


The first guest and designer of the layout of Silencio, Anri Sala, drew from David Lynch’s emotional style, to devise a piano with 3 keys to play ‘Questions in a world of blue,’ music by Badalamenti with words by David Lynch. Accompanied by a score the redundant notes of which have been deleted. Christian Boltansky also has a certain ‘Lynchian’ air about his work and proposes a little shadow theatre called ‘No hay banda,’ reminiscent of the mythical scene where Rita and Betty meet in Mulholland drive. Claude Lévêque’s hallmark is an immaculate ‘Venin’ (venom) in neon letters accompanied by a poetic text.


Jesper Just is next on the agenda in March. The rising Danish videographer was impressive at the last Venice Biennale. He has produced a film for Wink that you can see from 15th March at Silencio. The project is sufficiently removed from the traditional setting. ‘Wink has been created without constraints. It focuses on pleasure and adventure to the full with the necessary freedom to invent a new model.’


Jesper Just for Wink édition

Le Silencio

From 15th March 2014

142 rue de Montmartre

75002 Paris