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Didier Faustino ‘Something Less, Something More’ Palais de Tokyo


On invitation by curators Agnès Violeau and Sébastien FauconDidier Faustino presents Opus Incertum as part of the group exhibition ‘Something Less, Something More’ at the Palais de Tokyo from 14th February to 2nd March 2014.  Opus Incertum is a hollowed out structure that invites the body to take up the position of Saut dans le vide (1960) (Jump into Space), in reference to Yves Klein. The message ‘You are invited to try me out’ offers a physical and introspective experience of space. In a world of speed and permanent movement that leads to a form of negation of the body, Opus Incertum provides a break in space and time and confronts the spectator, now a player, with the material world surrounding him and the constraint that entails. Didier Faustino’s work Opus Incertum (2009), featured in the Centre National des Arts Plastiques collection, adopts a participative and experimental approach in line with the Palais de Tokyo’s desire to make the public choreographer and responsible for his subjective experience of the works presented.

Palais de Tokyo –contemporary art centre

13 avenue du Président Wilson

75116 Paris

Tel: + 33 (0) 1 81 97 35 88


Private viewing: 13th February 2014

Opus Incertum (2009)


- ‘11th International Architecture Biennial,’ Italian Pavilion, Venice, Italy. 2008

- ‘8th Taipei Biennial,’ Taipei, Taiwan. 2008


- Acquisition by the CNAP in 2011

Photo credit Didier Faustino