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Wiser by Mathieu Lehanneur and Schneider Electric

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In response to current concerns regarding the over-consumption of energy and its ecological and economic consequences, Schneider Electric and Mathieu Lehanneur have created WISER, a collection of smart devices to measure and manage domestic energy consumption in real time. WISER is a complete solution directly displaying the energy consumption of a residence in euros and enabling appliances to be adjusted simply via a Smartphone. With WISER, each consumer can therefore view the distribution of energy at home. They can see, understand and therefore react.


Completely new products designed by Mathieu Lehanneur form an ‘Energy Alphabet’ and are, as always, based on the user making the range intuitive: “Energy is a form of magic. It is simultaneously: my comfort, my light and connects me to the rest of the world! However, out of sight, it is also out of our control. We know that it is precious and rare but we often waste it. Through Wiser, I wanted restore meaning to something that has no form, and to restore form to something that is only movement. Beyond their function aimed at increasing energy efficiency, these objects are signs that directly address our intelligence and our responsibility. Here the design not only concerns aesthetics but also reconciliation between individual comfort and collective awareness!”

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A recurring theme for the French designer is to materialise forces and energy, (for example his trees at the Electric Cultural Centre formed from cables rising forth from the ground or telluric power revealed at the church in Melle), this here is an optimal functional formalization. Each function takes a form and each form becomes a sign through this Energy Alphabet. ‘The Box, for example, is a cross, like a landmark on a map. It is the central point of the ecosystem and the starting point for a new route. It indicates: You are here and now it is up to you to react!’

Main Meter Sensor

From a technical perspective WISER measures the consumption of each appliance connected by means of sensors. The energy consumption is indicated by zone, by appliance, and by use, thus enabling unnecessary consumption to be detected, to choose the most economical times to program the washing-machine or to put the whole house on standby from a single button: the temperature will lower in all the rooms and selected sockets will be cut off. Predicted saving: 30 %!


WISER is a family designed to complement one other. A new letter in this 21st century energy alphabet that Mathieu Lehanneur is writing project by project, leaving his mark upon time.

Take a look at Wiser at http://my.schneider-electric.com/wiser/fr