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Philippe Starck and Emeco

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The collaboration between Emeco and Philippe Starck began in 1999, and since then Starck has helped Emeco create and build many of Emeco’s most popular chairs.   As we prepare to announce new products this spring, we continue to appreciate the imagination, talent, quest for perfection, and playful spirit Philippe Starck has brought to Emeco.


The Hudson Chair is handcrafted at the Emeco factory in Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA.  When Starck wanted to polish the chair to a bright finish, our craftsmen had to learn a new, difficult technique from our neighbors at Harley Davidson.  Polishing a Hudson Chair takes 8 man-hours and requires skill, strength and patience.


Lightweight, strong and dazzling, the Hudson chair was designed for the Hudson hotel in NYC and was Emeco and Starck’s very first product together. There is a Hudson chair in every room and there are Hudson Barstools at the elevator foyer on every floor. The Emeco Hudson Chair is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Hudson Rocking Chairs are a treasure – whether in a home, hotel, or given as a gift to a new mother.  Like all Emeco handcrafted chairs, the Hudson Chairs will be passed down through generations, because they are “Made to Last – Beautifully!”