duendepr.com news “Homework” desk by Tomas Kral for Super-ette

“Homework” desk by Tomas Kral for Super-ette


A good idea is always obvious, “Homework” by Super-ette is obviously becoming a new standard in contemporary desk offer for home and office. The perfect match for city breakers mixing work and fun.  


Tomas Kral says  “Homework is a work table which has been set to be even more functional: an aluminium cloth is placed on a wooden table then folded to form a refined extension, a toolbox to store documents, objects, photos…that you need or simply desire to work.  The tilted surface enables you to lay down open books and continue reading like with a desk.”




materials : cast aluminium, ash

dimensions 156 × 79 × 83 cm

Colors : aluminium, white or black