duendepr.com news PP58/68 The ultimate chair by Hans J. Wegner for PP Møbler

PP58/68 The ultimate chair by Hans J. Wegner for PP Møbler


What is left to do after a long glorious carrier with a long line of design master pieces acknowledged by the whole world and a number of significant awards already achieved? For Hans J. Wegner the answer was obvious: In 1987, 73 years old, he designed the pp58/pp68 as his final basic chair for PP Møbler. Genuine in all aspects – comfortable, practical, strong, durable and affordable, the PP58 is one of the very best chair on the market. Benefitting from a life’s experience within furniture design he was determined to let this particular design be guided by the total learnings of his previous works.


All solid wood joined with tenons proved by testing to withstand one ton of pulling strength – for each joint. Designed to be comfortable in alternate seating positions making it a delightful experience to be seated for hours. At an affordable price (around 700 euros public price) it will last out everyday use throughout your life – and your children’s and your grandchildren’s making it sustainable by the very essence of the term – both in an economic and an ecological sense. All in all a strong final contribution from one of the world’s biggest furniture designers. The simple conclusion to an incredible life’s work.


pp58 has an upholstered seat, whereas pp68 has a plaited seat available in either natural colour or black. pp58 is also available in a three legged version pp58/3. It comes with either a plywood seat or with an upholstered seat.

Dimensions PP58 : h70/40 x d48 X w58 cm

Dimensions PP68 : h70/40 x d47 X w58 cm

Dimensions PP58 : h72/42 x d48 X w58 cm

Dimensions PP68 : h72/42 x d47 X w58 cm


PP Møbler is a family owned Danish joinery workshop, established in 1953, with a tradition of excellence for crafting design furniture of high quality. Motivation has always been the love of wood and a stubborn belief that technique, ingenuity and craftsmanship can be combined in the strive for quality. Throughout the years, PP Møbler has manufactured several unique pieces of furniture in cooperation with different designers. They are all characterized by exquisit craftmanship and at the same time marked by the overall design vision. Types, styles, form, and material have never limited PP Møbler. The majority of the production consists of Hans J. Wegner’s furniture – mainly chairs – but several other designers have left their mark as well. The latest designs to enter the PP Møbler collection are those of the Danish designer Thomas E. Alkenwww.pp.dk