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UNDERHouse by Paul Coudamy


French architect Paul Coudamy has unveiled his design for an underground house called UNDERHouse. A small area of land, a house that takes up the greater part of the plot and vis-à-vis are common themes in dense urban surroundings. The UNDERHouse project explores an original underground architecture in response to these constraints.



The need to evade the environment, to become invisible in the context, materializes by burying the living space and opening the ground to generate a relationship between the interior and exterior, combatting the violence of this urban context. ‘A preference for an open view of the sky over an overcrowded one.’ This extreme solution avoids being overlooked by neighbours as well as salvaging a real space for outdoor life, a garden planted with metal cylinders reflecting minimalist American sculptures.


The windows no longer feature, favouring an intimate, hidden space in which the inhabitants live in tune with the sky, clouds and stars. The ground has ducts that pierce the surface of the garden and penetrate the volumes down to the lower floor providing natural light to the bedrooms, the living room and the bathroom. The light ducts, covered by a glass lens, are lined with systems for reflection making the most of natural lighting throughout the day. The largest cylinder gives access to the house whilst others light up, ventilate or expel the smoke from the fireplace. A typology buried on 5 sides and covered by a planted roof, provides optimal insulation, making this accommodation an exceptionally efficient ecological solution.


UNDERHouse, single buried house

Architect: Paul Coudamy, http://coudamyarchitectures.com

Location: Yvelines

Surface area = 174m² net floor area

Phase: Sketch – basic preliminary design

Date: September 2013