duendepr.com news Winners of the Saint-Gobain Archinovo Prize 2013

Winners of the Saint-Gobain Archinovo Prize 2013


The Architecture de Collection agency and the Saint-Gobain group are delighted to share the prize-winners of the second Saint-Gobain Archinovo  2013 prize with you, the only French architecture prize devoted to individual houses. The prize giving will take place on 17th October at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal. Invitation to follow. Request interview and visuals from Pauline@duendestudio.fr

Thank you for your support and many thanks to the ever-growing public for voting online!



Maison Escalier (Staircase House) in Paris, 2012 Moussafir Architectes
 This bachelor pad resembles a tree or a staircase: the walls of the adjacent buildings define the frame. The core contains the wet rooms; the steps and landings separate the different living areas (home cinema, hall – kitchen – living-room, study, dressing-room – bedroom, terrace). The entirely glazed southern façade, covered by louvered shutters, suggests the volumetric complexity and the interior spaces behind. The choice of materials adds depth to the architectural style: the partitions of the central core blend with the acacia floors and ceilings.

Surface: 1037 m² land / 153 m² net floor area

Cost: €850,000

Photo: © Hervé Abbadie




Maison L (L House) in Louveciennes, 2011 Christian Pottgiesser Architecturespossibles

In the very heart of the vegetation and connected to an 18th century orangery, this house is designed like a “village of towers.” From the base accommodating the common areas five cubic “follies” emerge covered with Cadaqués stone: one for the parents embellished by a terrace with a view of La Défense and one for each child. The substructure incorporates a dynamic meandering pathway leading to the foot of the towers which house a dressing room on the ground floor, a bathroom on the first floor and a bedroom on the second lit by a glazed wall.

Surface: 4850 m² land / 616 m² net floor area

Photo: © George Dupin




Maison Shishiodoshi (Shishiodoshi House) in Rezé, 2010Avignon-Clouet Architectes

This skyward-reaching extension of an existing pavilion provides a floor for each of the three children in the family. The architects have envisaged a vertical volume resting on a third of the original building in line with the northwest façade. This façade, sheltered by a roof overhang, is animated by a gutter system modelled on shishi-odoshi (Japanese rocker fountain into which rainwater runs). For the architects, this original device is not only a rainwater harvesting system: “it is also a modern take on guttering in reaction to the mediocre aesthetic offering, to connect the house with the garden and lastly this poetic device takes visitors on a surprise journey into their imaginations.”

Surface: 500 m² land / 150 m² net floor area

Cost: €110,000

Photo: © Stéphane Chalmeau

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