duendepr.com news Mathieu Lehanneur designs the new Ricard carafe and glass

Mathieu Lehanneur designs the new Ricard carafe and glass


Ricard entrusted Mathieu Lehanneur with the role of redesigning its carafe and glass set to equip bars, restaurants and clubs.  The tasting ritual, a real institution, has been perfected by a complete revision of the codes and features by the French designer. the stem of the glass contains the correct measure of Ricard, an end therefore to incorrect measures. Then, the flared shape of the stem does not allow ice-cubes from entering, a small detail that prevents direct contact between the ice and the Ricard and therefore the formation of solidified anise essential oil flakes, that spoil the taste buds of purists! A design feature that satisfies lovers and also guides enthusiasts who have the tendency to put the ice-cubes in the glass first of all, making a precise measure impossible “With the Ricard teams we looked at reintroducing the preparation ritual to the very core of the tasting. I wanted to use the alchemy of the perfect measure but make it intuitive, obvious. The glass is primarily responsible for all that. As a result, whatever the order between ice-cubes and Ricard, you can be sure of having the right balance… 

Verre Ricard Lehanneur avec louchissement

A new set that perfectly illustrates the modernist axiom “form follows function” with an innovative design, generous as well as fresh and functional. A big challenge to put into practice for this subject that Mathieu Lehanneur accepts with his usual talent for surprises and surpassing constraints in terms of style.


Ricard Glass by Mathieu Lehanneur” box set comprising two glasses and a 70cl bottle of Ricard, will be on sale at the Drugstore Publicis from August 2013.

Recommended selling price: €28

Photo credits: Véronique Huyghe