duendepr.com news The first WikiBar opens in Paris

The first WikiBar opens in Paris

WikiBar 03

Mathieu Lehanneur is responsible for the interior design of the WikiBar, the first of many, that will open its doors 4 rue de Bouloi in the 1st district in Paris. A simple as well as radical concept: to offer good and eco-responsible food fighting addressing the problem of pollution from packaging. This Wiki Food incorporates the natural principle of grapes: a sphere with an edible coating to protect the food. A principle adaptable to drinks, cream and from now onwards ice creams created in collaboration with Philippe Faure, the maestro of ice creams. Ice creams that do not melt in your hand are available in this first WikiBar!

WikiBar 01

Mathieu Lehanneur has created a decor symbolised by a mirror-light, an illuminating and reflective object formed of hexagons “a geometrical reference to the molecular structure of WikiPearl laminations (). A graphic design and a matter of cookery demonstrations for this revolutionary concept.” A symbol of the approximation of science and design, a logical onward step for the designer who has regularly collaborated with Le Laboratoire since the production of “Andrea,” the air purification system through plants. Mobile WikiBar, pop-up wiki bars are already on the horizon, and the next permanent Wiki Bar will be in the forthcoming Lab Cambridge, currently being designed. The American version of the Parisian Le Laboratoire initiated by David Edwards.

retouche laboratoire_grille_02_hdf copie

Also for Le Laboratoire, Mathieu Lehanneur has designed the entrance gate of this cross-disciplinary venue:

A dynamic burst of metal that uses the graphic identity of this crossroads to firmly assert its status as a permanent junction between science, art, technology and economy.

laboratoire_grille_01 retouche_hdf copie


4, rue du Bouloi – Paris 1st Metro: Palais Royal L1 and L7 Stations Vélib: Colonel Driant (n°01026) Place du Lieutenant Henri Karcher and Saint Honoré (n°01013) 186, rue Saint Honoré – Paris 1st Parking: 14 rue Croix des Petits Champs

OPENING HOURS: Friday and Sunday from 12pm-2.30pm and 4.30pm-7pm Saturday from 12pm to 10pm

WIKIPEARL ICE-CREAM PRICES: € 2.50 single scoop / €4.50 for 2 / €6 for 3

FLAVOURS: Coconut – Mango /Hazelnut– Chocolate /Peanut– Vanilla