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Lucie Koldova for Lasvit

Following a fleeting collaboration with Dan Yeffet, the Czech designer Lucie Koldova has set up studio in Paris undertaking two new lights for Lasvit: the elegantly sensual and fun suspension lights “Spin Light” and “Bondage.”

Spin light was directly inspired by childhood spinning tops, with movement suspended in space. Available in three different sizes. LED lighting.

Bondage. The two materials used, leather and glass are a priori incompatible. The glass sphere is blown into a metal structure then sheathed in leather attaining a sensual and seductive bondage effect. Available in 4 colours.

Lucie Koldova graduated from the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2009. After collaborating with Arik Levy art and design studio, she successfully created two lights “Muffins” and “Balloons” for Brokis for whom she is now artistic director.