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Sou Fujimoto for Solo Houses

The Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto is to design the next pavilion for the Serpentine Gallery in London. Meanwhile Christian Bourdais, the man behind the Solo Houses programme, has unveiled the latter’s project for this unrivalled residential programme located in the region of Matarranya, two hours from Barcelona.

Amongst the ten or so architectural projects announced by Christian Bourdais at the launch of Solo Houses (Pezo von EllrichshausenDidier FaustinoMosStudio Mumbai, Johnston Mark Lee, Office KGDVS…) the one by the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto called Geometric Forest could very well be next on the list to be inaugurated. This villa, Fujimoto’s first residential architectural design in Europe, has a very primitive aspect. The stone and glass centre is enveloped by a cube-shaped lattice of interconnecting logs. He defines his project as, ‘Simultaneously enclosed and protected, as well as completely open.’

Heading up his own agency since 2000, this Japanese architect has already established himself a reputation through his theory on architecture that he called ‘primitive future,’ a starting point from which he questions the original nature of architecture (the cave and nest). He thus combines the most basic constructed forms with the most elaborate execution. Author of the manifesto ‘Primitive Future’ in which he sets out his concepts, Fujimoto has been honoured several times by AR Awards, exhibited at the last Venice  Architecture Biennale and will be the next architect to build the now unmissable Serpentine Gallery pavilion which will take its place in front of the London art centre throughout the summer  2013.

All project information is available on: www.solo-houses.com

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