duendepr.com news “Les Cloches” restaurant by José Lévy

“Les Cloches” restaurant by José Lévy

Stories are paramount. José Lévy is an object and space narrator in the grand French tradition of interior designers. He never develops a single response to a question (like a designer), but a real narrative. For him it is impossible to create without narrating; he prefers to develop rather than summarize, opting for phrases rather than words. The fashion designer, José Lévy had already referred to Tati, Jacques Demy and Modiano before addressing the world of cut and fashion design. As a designer of objects, he pursues his work of fiction steeped in memory, in order to single out his personal references which immediately resonate with everyone. This quest for the universal and the popular had already been initiated by him in fashion.

Les Cloches is a neighbourhood brasserie in Saint-Germain – des-Prés naturally. Les Cloches is a brasserie which blends together neighbours, tourists and friends who drop in – the whole of Christophe Mura’s entourage, who entrusted his first place to José Lévy. Carte blanche. José Lévy imagined, designed and implemented Les Cloches leaving nothing to chance. He also asked his nearest and dearest to give him a helping hand:

Elsie Obadia and Benjamin Moreau for the background music; Dan Amzallag for the graphic charter; Stéphane Manel for the menu illustrations. In line with places that we have loved, that we love and that we will always love. Parisian, touristic and provincial places. Yes, all of these. Rupture too: no nostalgia, memories.

José Levy wanted Les Cloches to be eye-catching from the street. Passers-by are drawn by a black canopy outlined with neon lights. On the door, the logo for Les Cloches –three wine glasses which cross stems – resonates like a bistro coat-of-arms. Once inside, your gaze is attracted to both a bare ceiling covered with a layer of gold – a fabulous Aladdin’s cave - and reflecting arches playing with the light. On the oak tables designed by José, transparent tableware highlights simple and sincere fare. Top quality products, a Parisian spirit inspired by dishes of old with evident concern for modernity.

To be enjoyed with friends, loved-ones, grandmothers…Or simply alone. Open for drinks until late at night in the black lounge where the furniture can be freely moved whether for tête-à-têtes or groups. Les Cloches is truly a modern place which toys with memory and rupture. The good and the beautiful. Generosity and comfort. A vibrant, simple and cultivated place.

Les Cloches, 43 rue Mazarine 75006 Paris, tel. + 33 (0)1 71 32 75 88, opening hours 10am-2am.