duendepr.com news « Choses » by Mathieu Lehanneur in the Grand-Hornu Images

« Choses » by Mathieu Lehanneur in the Grand-Hornu Images

Until march 31st, Grand-Hornu Images organizes the 1st monographic exhibition of the french designer Mathieu Lehanneur.  Within just a few years, French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has become one of the most unique characters in modern design. His projects, which manage to be innovative, functional and astounding all at the same time, feed off his observations of the human body, mathematics, psychology and biology…

To complement its science fiction programme, Grand-Hornu Images is dedicating its first one-man exhibition to  French designer Mathieu Lehanneur. A real maverick of the modern design world, his work explores the relationship between scientific research and design, the way the body interacts with its environment, the synergy between biology, physics and maths…

Born in 1974, Mathieu Lehanneur graduated from the ENSCI-Les Ateliers in Paris, and now works regularly with doctors and scientists. His pieces translate theoretical research into works that are as alien as they are friendly, as functional as they are magical, ergonomic and poetic. The pieces exhibited here span a ten-year period. Mass-produced, limited editions, one-offs or interior design projects, they all have one thing in common over and above their function or their context, namely they all respond to modern challenges: how to breathe better, sleep better, love better and live better! This surprising collection is compiled under one title: Things… But what is a thing?

“In the real world, a thing is an object that has no life, sometimes no soul. Inert, silent company for man. In science fiction on the other hand, a thing is a living, pulsating, sometimes frightening being. I love these two st ates, and particularly the transition between one and the other. I love that moment when the thing – like Pinocchio – is animated by an extra bit of life.” Mathieu Lehaneur

Mathieu Lehaneur, Choses, until march 31st,

Grand Hornu Images, rue Sainte-Louise 82, Hornu, Belgique,


photos : Julien Renault