duendepr.com news “Love me tender” by Didier Faustino for Super-ette

“Love me tender” by Didier Faustino for Super-ette

Super-ette produces Didier Faustino’s iconic‘Love me tender’ chair created in 2000. In one go Faustino summarizes his putting of bodies under tension with architecture and design through this chair that is so dangerous that it requires tenderness and gentleness to be handled.

Love Me Tender intends to make the body once again aware of the most banal gestures. This refined chair conceives design as a weakness. The body takes possession of a space that it leaves its mark upon. To live becomes a tiny but real attempt, a way of marking one’s territory. ‘With this new version available in brushed stainless steel limited to 100 copies, Super-ette has initiated the principle for an annual production devoted to pieces which exceed the usual framework of the design market.

Material / Finish: brushed stainless steel

Price : 3.900 euros

Dimensions 70 x 55 x 45 cm

Limited édition of 100 + 1 AP

Photo credit : Felipe Ribon

On sale at Centre Pompidou shop and Triode 26 rue Jacob 75006 PAris