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Guillaume Delvigne Designer’s Days 2012

Designer’s Days provides at least three events to discover Guillaume Delvigne’s work from research projects with the ceramicist Elise Lefebvre to mass-produced products for la Redoute and for the young production company Oxyo. Guillaume Delvigne, a designer of lucid archetypes,  is asserting himself as one of our future great designers equally at ease with furniture and products (he is producing a range for Tefal). Keep a close eye on him!


Grands Prix de la Création de la Ville (The City’s Grand Prix Awards for Design)  at Docks en Seine

The Grands prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris awards will be presented during Designer’s Days at Docks en Seine. Guillaume Delvigne  will exhibit two recent designs there, his ‘Bromo’ lamp, produced in limited edition by ToolsGalerie and his ‘Circus’ coffee table, which will be part of the Winter 2012 collection for La Redoute. This season Sam Baron has invited three young designers to reinvent the timeless living room and dining room.

A sofa, chairs, rug, table, sideboard, cushion and wall plates for Sam Baron, a scriban and ceramic vases by Margaux Keller, a coffee table and floor lamps by Guillaume Delvigne and lastly frames by Aurore Dumas. The collection will be available from 26th June 2012 on www.sambaron-laredoute.fr

Friday 1st June from 7pm: preview.

Monday 4th June from 7pm: closing evening.

Docks en Seine – 34 quai d’Austerlitz – 75013 Paris



Lilypad table and Woodmoss occasional tables for Oxyo in Pantin

Oxyo produces objects for inside and out. No boundary has been marked in line with the boss Rudy Iovino’s way of thinking. Originating on a Languedoc waterfront with the production of ‘La Grande-Motte’ lamps designed by François Azambourg, the production company entered the arena last year with its first collection created in collaboration with Made in Design.

The producer is covering ground fast and for Designer’s Days proposes its second collection in a Studio Brichet Ziegler scenography. Following his ‘Mirettes’ or mirror shelves, Guillaume Delvigne has created the ‘ Lilypad’ coffee table with its double height top and the’ Woodmoss’ tables fulfilling leisure and informal work surface requirements.

Saturday 2nd June from 7pm: preview

Oxyo at La Dynamo – 9, rue Gabrielle Josserand – 93500 Pantin



Collaboration with the ceramicist Élise Lefebvre for PériFabrique at Pantin

The resource centre Maison Revel is supporting Pôle de Pantin designers for the promotion of craftsmanship. For the 1st extra muros edition of Designer’s Days, Maison Revel invites designers and artisans from the Pôle to illustrate their multiple and complimentary identities for a creative union. ‘PériFabrique’ reveals these unprecedented designs at Maison Revel and at the heart of their place of production, their workshops.

Climax, a black stoneware and white porcelain vase and fruit bowl.

‘The work took place over several weeks. The pieces are a true result of our time spent together during my numerous visits to Elise’s ceramic studio. What interested me was to see what could emerge from the encounter between our two quite different worlds. Our collaboration was like a game of ping-pong, between my proposal sketches and her 3D experiments. We often try to make things straight and controlled but ceramic is tricky to master, particularly during firing. Through these objects we have sought to express the random component and beauty which can result.’


Elise Lefebvre’s Studio

Saturday 2nd June from 7pm: preview.

Elise Lefebvre – 13, rue Magenta – 93500 Pantin


Maison Revel

Friday 1st June from 4pm: the production stages of the projects will be presented at Maison Revel in the presence of the artisans and designers.

Saturday 2nd June from 7pm: preview of the exhibitions at Pantin.

Maison Revel – 56, avenue Jean Jaurès – 93500 Pantin


Galerie de Valois

From 21st May to 26th June, the works will be exhibited in parallel in the windows of the Ministry of Culture and Communication within a scenography designed by Nocc.

Thursday 31st May from 7pm: preview

Galerie de Valois – 3, rue de Valois – 75001 Paris