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Chip’N Dale by Didier Faustino

Invited to design a knuckle-duster by duende studio, Didier Faustino has landed the Chip’N Dale project produced with support from the Fonderie Dacheville-Nicol presented at the Galerie Filomena Soares in Lisbon until 10th March 2012. Two knuckle-dusters are linked by a fine aluminium membrane waiting to be broken. These momentarily harmless weapons in close contact are the point of contact between two bodies. Like a fragile balance of forces, Chip’N Dale symbolises the continual quarrelling of two chipmunks of the same name created by Disney studios. Between war and peace, attraction and repulsion, the conjoined prosthesis expresses the contradictory feelings between two individuals ‘Killing Me Softly.’


Chip’N Dale, 2011, polished mirror aluminium, 16 x 11,5 x 1 cm

Habeas Corpus, solo exhibition by Didier Faustino

19th January to 10th March 2012


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